Second Workshop on

Linking and Contextualizing

Publications and Datasets

September 12th, 2014

In conjunction with the International Conference

on Digital Libraries 2014 (DL2014)

Workshop objectives

Scholarly communication is witnessing radical changes. On the one hand, traditional knowledge dissemination via scientific articles turned out to be insufficient to satisfy the needs of data-driven science. Verifiability and reproduction of experiments require research papers to be enhanced by equally important datasets, source code, interactive and/or audiovisual material. On the other hand, emergence of Web-based knowledge dissemination brings in novel challenges and possibilities for sharing and accessing both publications and datasets, such as semantic enrichment, interlinking with relevant material, Web 2.0 reading/commenting/sharing/participating capabilities, etc.

The goal of this workshop is to provide researchers and practitioners in the fields of Digital Library, Scholarly Communication, e-Science, and e-Research with a forum where they can constructively explore theoretical, systemic, and foundational work targeting challenges regarding “linking and contextualizing publications and datasets”. Inspired by the indications resulting from the plenary discussion of the last edition of the workshop (TPDL 2013, Malta), special attention this year will be drawn towards research activities aimed at consolidating and building a common understanding of “data publishing”.

"…Growing a Global Data Publishing Culture…"
Invited speaker: Stefan Kramer with a talk on "Linking research data and publications: a survey of the landscape in the social sciences"
Accepted submissions will be published as a special issue of the D-Lib Magazine Journal
Invited speaker: Prof. Andreas Rauber with a talk on "Linking to and Citing Data in Non-Trivial Settings"
Second edition of the LCPD workshop accepted at DL2014!

For any information you may need, please contact the organizers.